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Imagine starting each day with a burst of motivation, keeping you focused and productive all day.

You'd start making massive progress on the tasks you know you should do, but aren't actually doing.

These videos will teach you all about:

  • Finding Your Purpose

    How to find work you love

    How to become way happier

    How to increase your well-being


  • Getting Things Done

    How to set and achieve goals

    How to increase productivity

    How to get focused

  • Managing Your Time

    How to prioritize your tasks

    How to stick to a schedule

    How to de-stress

The Problem

Your motivation comes and goes.

Some days you get lots of work done, other days you barely do anything productive.

Throughout one year, this can add up to hundreds of wasted hours that could have been full of productivity if you were actually taking action.

No more procrastination.

No more living below your potential.

No more wasting hours on the internet.

There's a better way to live.

The Solution

We email you one short, highly motivational video every single morning for a year.

We have hand-picked the best videos from all of the most motivational people on the planet.

Imagine getting a dose of motivation, inspiration, and information right before you start working.

That's the right way to start your day, all for less than a nickel a day!

Many people pay hundreds of dollars to see a motivational speaker once a year, which works for about a week before they slip back into their old habits.

Will you regret not trying this a year from now, when likely nothing has changed?

You need something to break you out of your current cycle and get you excited every single morning.

This is a no-brainer. Make 2014 your year of motivation


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fade-leftfade-rightHere's what people have to say about Year Of Motivation:

Since I don't have a boss, it's usually tough for me to get motivated. Ever since I signed up for Year Of Motivation, that hasn't been a problem! Now I start my day right with some inspiration, and my productivity has gone through the roof. Alex Lawton, Freelance Web Developer
I always used to put off all my work until the last minute, which made me stressed all the time. Now, every morning after I wake up I see an awesome video and immediately get going on my work. Now I get to feel what it's like to be ahead on my homework! Julia Freeman, Student at Northeastern U

This short video is an example of how you would start your day every morning:

Do you still feel lazy after watching that?

No action = no results. Take action now!

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